Bread, the way it ought to be

Our Favorite Breads

Honey Whole Wheat

Our signature and most popular bread is a perfect blend of 5 simple ingredients – freshly milled, 100% whole wheat flour, pure honey, water, salt, and yeast.


Sunflower, pumpkin, millet and sesame seeds are roasted in-house and then generously kneaded into our Honey Whole Wheat dough for a hearty,  flavorful bread.

Cinnamon Chip

A town favorite!  Our soft Farmhouse White bread with delicious, melt-in-your-mouth cinnamon chips.  Perfect for making toast and French toast.


Curious about the fiber grams in your favorite whole wheat bread? Wondering what ingredients are in that delicious muffin? Below we provide the nutrition information for our most popular breads and sweets.

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